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Jul 27, 15

MuscleAidTape kinesiology tape has rapidly gained recognition from the world’s top athletes

MuscleAidTape kinesiology tape has rapidly gained widespread recognition by the world’s top athletes and professionals due to its highest marks for qualities such as elasticity, adhesiveness, longevity, and ease of use. It delivers non-medicated muscle and joint pain relief by providing support while increasing blood circulation to facilitate rapid relief. It is great for relieving muscle soreness, pain, and fatigue in areas like the shoulders, knees, and feet, among many others.

Its excellent air permeability lets skin breathe while letting sweat evaporate. Being one of the best water-resistant tapes, it can be worn for days through showers, triathlons, and all the toughest workouts. It is the perfect aid for people of all athletic levels and also everyday muscle pain relief. Due to its wide-ranging applicability for pain relief from areas such as stiff necks to plantar fasciitis, MuscleAidTape aims to bring relief to people everywhere so they can stay active and play to their best abilities.

MuscleAidTape is also the official licensee of the NBA and players can be seen wearing the NBA Logo MuscleAidTape on court. MuscleAidTape is also proud to announce its partnership with USA Volleyball as an official supplier.

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