Sep 23, 13

2G Flicx cricket pitch launched at Lord’s

2G Flicx cricket pitch launched at Lord’s

Flicx UK has launched to the trade its new 2G range of portable, roll-out cricket pitches at Lord’s - the home of cricket. 

The new material creates a much superior surface on which to play cricket, with improved bounce as well as better spin and swing performance on the UK-made plastic, which is softer and easier to work with when rolling it out.

Other developments include additional colours in the product range, with customers being able to choose their pitch colours and brand it with sponsor or club logos.

In addition, the 2G pitches have reduced slip as well as some fantastic new designs, including a skills pitch, which is great for coaching young players on as it features markings to help bowling length and consistency.

The three designs - the 2G Flicx Match Pitch, 2G Flicx Skills Pitch and the 2G Hawkeye Pitch - each come in six different lengths, with the Skills Pitch also available as a small four-metre throw down.

“We are very excited about the performance of the 2G Flicx Pitch,” Richard Beghin, developer of the Flicx Pitch, says

“We believe it will suit the wetter English conditions better than the original pitch, with improved non-slip properties.

“We have reduced the protrusion that was dominant in the original pitch.

“This strangely has given us improved bounce, assisting spin and seam movement, and has the added benefit of reduced wear on the ball.”

The 2G Flicx pitch can be laid on any flat, well-prepared surface. 

It can be rolled out before or after each game or be left for the season, in which case grass will grow through it, providing a ‘turf’ effect on the playing surface.

Flicx believes the new 2G pitch will extend the market into clubs and schools, especially where old synthetic pitches have lost their shape and performance.

“This is a pitch that can be assembled to each school or club’s needs,” Kate Costin, Flicx UK marketing manager, says. 

“We have been listening to Cricket Australia’s development squad, who are looking at bright colours and a fun element to attract youngsters to the game. 

“This all forms part of T20 cricket, where colours, shorter games and increased involvement are bringing youngsters back into the sport.”

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