Jan 09, 20

Zwift launches biggest ever multi-stage event with 2020 Tour de Zwift


Zwift, the fitness platform born from gaming, has announced the schedule for the 2020 Tour de Zwift.

The popular stage event returns for a second year with the addition of new group running events as well as riding and pro-am racing.

The Tour de Zwift is an inclusive stage event that allows Zwifters of all abilities to experience seven of Zwift’s worlds and the variety of roads and trails on offer. Complete all the stages, to unlock the exclusive 2020 Tour de Zwift kit.

For the first time this year, runners will also experience a taste of the Tour de Zwift. Run stages will take place in each world and will showcase the most iconic routes. Runners will need to complete a group run in each world to finish the tour. Group runs will be structured so runners can run at their own pace or go for the gold.

The majority, however, will be able to take advantage of settling into their pace and experience the motivational benefits of group running on Zwift. Runners who complete all seven stages will unlock a unique Tour de Zwift run kit.

Eric Min, Zwift CEO and co-founder, said: “We are really stepping up the Tour de Zwift this year. It’s a great reflection of the efforts we’ve made in running, and I can’t wait to get started. For those returning on the bike from last year, we have two new Worlds and a number of new Watopia routes to try. I will have my work cut out this year with both run and bike stages, but I’m glad that runners will be able to experience this fantastic annual event.”

More information, including details of how to take part in each stage, can be found here.

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