Jan 06, 21

Women in Football is delighted to announce a new media partnership with Sports Insight.


The ground-breaking partnership will see Women in Football branding on the Sports Insight website and newsletter, with the company’s online platform sharing WIF’s stories and features.

As far as Keith Marshall, CEO of Sports Insight, is concerned, the partnership is win-win for everyone.

“I was aware of Women in Football’s #WhatIf campaign where organisations and individuals have made a pledge to change the industry, which is very male-dominated,” Keith said.

“This is a real opportunity to help create greater visibility for women working in football, and Women in Football as an organisation, and the work that they do.”

Sports Insight is the go-to sports retail trade magazine for those involved in the UK and Irish sports retail industry, including sports brands spanning team and individual sports.

“This is an exciting partnership and will also help from a commercial point of view,” he added. “No-one has ever really engaged with the women in the sports industry directly, and it is not really a proactive issue. You can discuss that there has been a change, or something new happening, but unless detailing the benefits to all genders, the industry has not worked together enough to move forward and make changes or reap the benefits that can be had.

“By being involved with Women in Football, by giving them a new, wider platform to share what they are doing, it’s another small step towards changing the industry landscape.”

Welcoming this exciting new partnership, Michelle Dorgan, Senior Marketing & Commercial Manager, Women in Football, said: “As the voice of women in football, it is exciting to now be partnering with the voice of sports retail, as we welcome Sports Insight onboard as Women in Football’s first Media Partner of 2021.

“Sports Insight share our vision and commitment to empowering women and men with knowledge, expertise and collective support to create a stronger, brighter and more diverse future.

“This partnership will extend our visibility and reach as we look to drive the game forward together.”

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