Mar 23, 20

Up & Running temporarily closes stores


Statement from Up & Running

It’s a very sad time for the world right now and we have decided to close our stores in the interest of our staff, the running community and the collective national effort in combatting the spread of Covid-19.
As of 5.30pm today, Monday, March 23, our stores will close for the time being. 

We have been closely following government guidelines throughout this pandemic and have made this decision which supports their advice, in order to encourage others to follow the guidelines around social distancing and self-isolation. 

We wish there wasn’t a need to close our stores, and that we could continue to serve the running community as we always have. However, now is a time for us all to act responsibly and play our part, so that the nation may return to normality sooner.

Our online service, will still be operating as normal and you can shop with us at We will also be offering free delivery on all UK and Ireland purchases. 

Furthermore, we would like to stand by you and help virtually connect as many of you as possible during this time. We are committed to helping the running community maintain their healthy lifestyle both physically and mentally.

We would love to virtually run beside you and encourage everyone to support each other at our virtual Social Run Group. So, please join us on our Facebook page and ensure that we keep the running community active (

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Spektrum are leaders in sustainable sports eyewear.

Spektrum are leaders in sustainable sports eyewear.

Their range of performance eyewear is made using bio plastic derived from the Castor Bean. The Castor plant is extremely hardy and grows where normal food crops normally perish. This process draws in atmospheric carbon and locks it away in the final product, rather than pulling up traditional oils from underground to make plastics with.

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