Mar 22, 21

Ukrainian sport climber Jenya Kazbekova joins Rab & Lowe Alpine athlete team


Ukrainian sport climber Jenya Kazbekova joins Rab & Lowe Alpine athlete team

Jenya Kazbekova climbing “Father and Son”/Frankenjura (8b+) in 2020, credit: ©Alexander Megos
We are thrilled to announce that successful Ukrainian sport climber Jenya Kazbekova (25) has recently joined the Rab & Lowe Alpine athlete team. With her strong passion for competition and outdoor climbing as well as her incredibly positive personality, Jenya is a true inspiration.

While her parents were world class climbers, as a kid, Jenya’s talent became clear, beating a couple of world records (at the time), climbing her first 8a at the age of 11 and first 8b+ at the age of 13. Winning her first Youth World Champion title in 2010 opened the world of competition climbing to her. Jenya loves comps as she gets to overcome personal limits and learn every time. In 2019, Jenya placed 4th at the World Championships in Japan and she realised just how much more potential she has to unlock.

As much as she loves competitions, she cannot imagine her life without rock climbing. “Outdoor climbing is the best way to connect with yourself” – Jenya says. The crag in Crimea will always be her second home, as she spent most of her childhood on that limestone cliff. Nowadays, living partially in Frankenjura (Germany) she is excited to soon call it her second home crag. By climbing her first 8c+ “Güllich” in 2018, she is now on her way to reaching the next level.

If you are not doing so already, give @jenya_kazbekova a follow and get inspired by her activities, projects and travels.

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