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Apr 18, 19

Switch on explore mode with The North Face


When people take time to appreciate Earth, they feel more connected to it and are more likely to protect it.

That’s why this spring, The North Face launches Explore Mode, a global movement aimed at motivating people to unplug, and get out there to explore and connect with their surroundings.

Central to this is a petition to recognize Earth Day, April 22, as a national holiday across the globe, as love for the planet comes from having the freedom to explore it.

Tim Bantle, Global General Manager of Lifestyle at The North Face, said: “The North Face is no stranger to exploration and this Earth Day we are proud to join our partners and fellow explorers in a global effort to make Earth Day a national holiday.

“We believe that when people take time to appreciate the Earth, they feel more connected to it and are more likely to protect it. Explore Mode urges us to unplug from our digital lives to connect in real life to the world, each other, and ourselves in the effort to move the world forward.”

Today, we’re spending more time in front of screens than ever before. The average person with a smartphone checks their phone 47 times per day, and we’re averaging 4 hours a day of emails, photos and a steady stream of “you might like” suggestions. This behaviour is hindering our ability to discover and make meaningful connections in the real world. When we unplug, we’re more open to connect with each other, our communities, and the world around us.

In addition to the petition, The North Face will host a weekend of free #ExploreMode events across ten European cities, aiming to inspire over 500 people to switch off and get their adventure on. London, Manchester, Glasgow, Munich, Berlin, Milan, Bolzano, Paris, Chamonix and Stockholm will host a unique experience – from mountain top film premieres to urban exploration by bicycle – all with the common goal of turning off tech, to connect with the people and world around them. To sign-up and find out more, head to http://www.thenorthface.co.uk/explore-mode.html

Supporting the campaign throughout April and May is National Geographic Traveller, releasing a stream of content across their channel to provide inspiration to their community to follow suit and get involved in the campaign.

To hear more about how you can switch on Explore Mode, head to http://www.thenorthface.co.uk/explore-mode.html and. Or get involved by following @thenorthfaceuk #neverstopexploring on Instagram, and @thenorthface on Facebook.

To sign the Earth Day petition head to https://www.change.org/p/national-governments-earth-day-should-be-a-national-holiday-2

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