Feb 28, 20

Sherpa Adventure Gear launches School Days Programme


Sherpa Adventure Gear has taken its ongoing mission to provide education and employment in Nepal to the next level by launching a new give back campaign with the target of providing 10 million school days by 2030.

Toby Davies, Sales and Brand Manager of Sherpa Adventure Gear Europe, said: “Primary school education in Nepal is free so enrolment is high, but so is drop out. Often the materials needed for a successful education – books, writing materials and so on – have to be provided by the family. In a country where the average daily income is $2, this often proves too much.

“We have partnered with the charity Room to Read who provide teacher training, materials and environments to support these children allowing them to remain in primary education and transition to secondary school, thereby helping them to keep out of child labour and marriage and hopefully onto exciting and prosperous life choices.

“When people have the knowledge and skills they need to succeed, we all benefit which is why our brand ethos is to encourage a life of learning and adventure.”

Sherpa Adventure Gear was set up in 2003 by Tashi Sherpa. It employs over 1,500 locals, the majority of whom are women who would previously not have had the opportunity of paid employment. From technical clothing and outdoor adventure gear, to handcrafted knitwear and travel kit, this is a small brand with a big heart.

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