Jan 26, 21

Rutland-Melton International CiCLE Classic


The current COVID 19 pandemic continues to affect our daily lives and as a consequence the efforts of statutory and voluntary groups remain focussed upon meeting those unprecedented demands. It is, therefore, with sincere regret that the organisers of the Rutland-Melton International CiCLE Classic planned for Sunday 25th April have today announced that the 2021 edition of the race has been cancelled for 2021.

“Following the cancellation of the 2020 edition, it had been hoped that the situation this year would have stabilised to a degree to allow this year’s race to take place”, said Race Director Colin Clews. He continued, “Over recent days it has become apparent however, that the level of impact of COVID remains at a level far beyond that which would enable the race to go ahead safely and with confidence amongst competitors, supporters and local communities through which the race passes. After the initial cancellation in 2021, this further action has therefore become inevitable. Although deeply disappointed, we pride ourselves upon the quality of our events and we look forward to returning fully to that level just as soon as circumstances allow.”

No plans are being made for the race to be rescheduled later in 2021, and therefore the next edition of the race, which is Britain’s ONLY UCI international Elite Men’s one day race within the UK, will take place on Sunday 23rd April 2022. 

Currently plans continue in place to stage the 5th and 7th edition’s respectively of the Women’s and Junior Men’s CiCLE Classics on Sunday 27th June this year. Both will depend upon the overall situation regarding COVID as that date approaches. As in all previous years, both the events form part of British Cycling’s National Road Race Series of events for their categories. 

The CiCLE Classics organisation wishes to express their thanks and gratitude to our sponsors, officials, helpers, British Cycling, supporters and fans for their continued support and understanding during this unprecedented time.

Most importantly to ALL…… Stay Safe and Stay Well.         
We WILL be BACK!!!

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Spektrum are leaders in sustainable sports eyewear.

Spektrum are leaders in sustainable sports eyewear.

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