Feb 23, 21

RFU and Coach Logic join forces to help develop future generations of coaches and players


RFU and Coach Logic join forces to help develop future generations of coaches and players

Now, more than ever, it is important for rugby clubs, coaches, teams and players to stay connected. 

The Rugby Football Union (RFU) has partnered with video analysis platform provider Coach Logic to help teams achieve this through additional online support for coaches across the game in England.

Anyone enrolling in the England Rugby Coaching Award (ERCA), the England Rugby Advanced Coaching Award (L3) or the England Rugby Performance Coaching Award (L4) will be given access to the platform at no extra cost for 12 months to use within their team environment.

These coaches will have access to match and training footage from different levels of the game. They will also be able to upload and analyse their own content, share coaching materials and network with other coaches on the course, either on a one-to-one basis or in groups.

Andy Muir, Co-founder of Coach Logic, said: “This is coach education on a grand scale, with opportunities for development offered to thousands of coaches. The ambition and vision shown by the RFU, backed wholeheartedly by Coach Logic, shows the national governing body is looking far beyond the short-term impact of the pandemic. It is instead planning for a bright future for future generations of coaches and players.

RFU Head of Game Development, John Lawn, spoke of the benefits provided by the new partnership: “Over the past 12 months, we have seen a much greater use of technology across coach and player development. Our partnership with Coach Logic will allow us to offer coaches a broader range of development opportunities. The platform also provides an online community where coaches can interact, share ideas and engage with players.”

Muir added: “During the past few months there has been a huge increase in the use of webinars and online learning events. We want to give coaches a tangible opportunity to apply their off-field coaching learning. Mutual engagement between players and coaches is a key focus, combined with discovery and learning.”

Through the support offered by Coach Logic, the RFU is ramping up and developing its coaching pathways across the spectrum of performance levels. While there have been inevitable postponements to coaching programmes planned for the past few months, 2021 has a wealth of opportunities for potential coaches to tap in to.

Coach Logic not only provides the opportunity for collaborative video analysis for coaches at clubs, schools, colleges and national teams. The platform also offers players a unique chance to deepen their knowledge of the game through analysis and encourages them to participate in and often lead discussions.

Muir and Coach Logic co-founder Mark Cairns both have a background in education and this shines through the Coach Logic ethos: it supports athlete-centred and player-led coaching so players have a true understanding of the sport and how they can enhance their own performance within the team.


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