Jan 02, 07

Retailers pinning their hopes on the web

A Christmas poll by ecommerce provider Actinic shows that retailers are pinning their hopes for growth in 2007 on the internet.

57 small to medium-sized retailers responded to the Actinic email survey and reported an average 96 per cent increase in online turnover for November and December 2006, compared with the same period 12 months ago.

Most of the increase came from customers spending more of their budget online. Nevertheless, the survey found the overall number of online shoppers also rose over the same period by 30 per cent.

Far more companies expected to see growth in business through the internet than through traditional channels, according to the survey. 75 per cent of respondents expected online sales to grow in 2007, compared with only 25 per cent who expected to see growth in their offline activities.

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