Jul 30, 21

Rab to launch GORE-TEX Shell Wash Service


Specialist GORE-TEX shell wash, dry, and reproof service will be offered to end consumers and retailers to extend the life of outdoor gear

British outdoor brand Rab (owned by Equip Outdoor Technologies Ltd.) has announced the launch of a specialist GORE-TEX Shell Wash service. Provided through the Rab Service Centre, this forward-thinking new service is now available for their end consumers and retailers. By offering expert washing, drying, and reproofing for any Rab GORE-TEX waterproof garment, the Rab Service Centre aims to maintain and extend the life of their customers’ gear. The new GORE-TEX Shell Wash complements Rab’s existing insulation wash services, which are currently offered for down or synthetic sleeping bags and jackets, as well as its GORE-TEX repair service.

After extended and rigorous outdoor use, the waterproof abilities of garments can decline. Contaminants like dirt, salts, and bacteria can all reduce the performance of a garment’s DWR, decreasing the fabric’s waterproof protection. As the outdoor industry makes efforts to reduce their environmental impact by cutting out fluorocarbons in DWR finishes, careful gear washing is more important than ever to maintain a garment’s waterproof abilities. Without it, consumers risk allowing waterproofs to become impregnated with contaminants, damaging the fabric beyond repair.

Rab’s new service is a culmination of their own experience working with waterproof fabrics and GORE-TEX expertise. Garments will be washed, dried, and reproofed with professional level care, neutralising odours, boosting breathability, and restoring the all-important water repellence. The service aims to keep more GORE-TEX garments in use for longer, not only improving comfort for the user, but also reducing waste and keeping quality gear out of landfill.

The GORE-TEX Shell Wash service will begin in the UK and be extended to more territories as Equip opens new service centres in The Netherlands, the US, and Canada later this year. The new service is the next step in Equip’s sustainability strategy created using science-based targets methodology. Equip, a Climate Neutral company, aims to reduce their carbon footprint and reach Net Zero emissions by 2030.

For more information on Equip’s sustainability strategy and the steps the company is undertaking, please see

For more information on Rab’s Service Centre offerings, please see

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