Mar 11, 20

PTO appoints John Lunt for Collins Cup role


John Lunt, PTO Operational Support Director

The Professional Triathletes Organisation has appointed John Lunt as Operational Support Director for the inaugural Collins Cup race, being held at the extraordinary x-bionic sphere in Samorin, Western Slovakia, on May 28-30.

John Lunt brings with him over three decades of triathlon experience, creating many events in the UK and organising some of triathlon’s largest and most prestigious competitions, including ITU World Cups, National Championships and The Commonwealth Games. He was the Triathlon Competition Manager and responsible for triathlon at the London Olympic Games in 2012 - a role which led to him being awarded the Gold Pin Award by British Triathlon and honoured by Triathlon 220 Magazine for his significant and longstanding contribution to triathlon.

John Lunt has also been awarded British Triathlon’s prestigious “Event of the Year” accolade countless times due to his exceptional talent for race organisation and logistics. He presently also organises both the Brighton and Hove triathlon and the Dubrovnik Triathlon.

John Lunt’s knowledge, experience and expertise will be called upon to support the delivery team at The Collins Cup. The event will be showcased for all to see in front of a global TV audience.

Lunt said: “I’m honoured to be part of the new and groundbreaking Collins Cup, this exciting innovative format is a great opportunity for the sport I love and I’m excited to be working with, and supporting, a great delivery team at Samorin. To be able to play a part in this milestone event is an amazing opportunity for the sport.”

Sam Renouf, CEO of the PTO, said: “We are fortunate and honoured to have John Lunt as our Operational Support Director, he will without doubt help to make The Collins Cup the spectacle that it deserves to be. We could think of no one better to support the event delivery team, as his achievements within the world of race organisation speak for themselves.”

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