Jan 30, 20

PrimaLoft P.U.R.E. Adopted by Patagonia for Fall 2020 Nano Puff Program


PrimaLoft has announced Patagonia as its first brand partner to adopt PrimaLoft P.U.R.E. manufacturing technology.

PrimaLoft P.U.R.E., which stands for “Produced Using Reduced Emissions,” reduces carbon emissions during the insulation manufacturing process by as much as 48 per cent. Patagonia will incorporate PrimaLoft Gold Insulation manufactured with PrimaLoft P.U.R.E. for its Fall 2020 Nano Puff program.

Mike Joyce,  PrimaLoft president and CEO, said: “It’s very appropriate for Patagonia to be our first partner using P.U.R.E. For over ten years, we’ve collaborated with Patagonia to make each iteration of the Nano Puff even more sustainable than the last. Four years ago, this meant turning a critical eye toward our manufacturing process. Through four years of research and development, the concept for P.U.R.E. was born.”

After identifying large, energy-intensive ovens as the main culprit of carbon emissions in insulation manufacturing, PrimaLoft reinvented the traditional manufacturing process by removing the need for heat from these ovens.
Typically, insulation manufacturing requires heat to melt bonding fibers, which provide structural integrity for the insulation. P.U.R.E. technology achieves this integrity without the need for melting, removing heat from the process. By implementing PrimaLoft’s P.U.R.E. manufacturing technology, the insulation used in the new Nano Puff will not only have a drastically smaller carbon footprint, but will also be made with 100 per cent recycled PrimaLoft fibres.

Kristo Torgersen, Global Marketing Director, Technical Outdoor at Patagonia, said: “PrimaLoft went straight to the core in tackling this issue. They addressed the biggest culprit of carbon emissions in their manufacturing process and did so in a way that did not compromise the performance of the insulation in the field. The P.U.R.E. Nano Puff is our most environmentally responsible version of the style to date and still maintains its pinnacle performance.”

An extension of PrimaLoft’s Relentlessly Responsible mission, P.U.R.E. manufacturing arrives on the heels of PrimaLoft Bio, the first biodegradable* synthetic insulation, debuted by PrimaLoft last year.

*93.8% biodegradation in 586 days under ASTM D5511 conditions (landfill environment); 65.5% biodegradation in 639 days under ASTM D6691 conditions (marine/ocean environment). The stated rate and extent of degradation do not mean that the product will continue to degrade.

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