Apr 07, 20

Osprey repairs department begins mask production for healthcare workers


Picture credit: Andew Baxley

Pack specialist Osprey’s Cortez, Colorado-based, warranty and repair team will now work exclusively to sew fabric masks for health care workers and front-line responders.

The masks are currently being distributed to health departments which supply home health care and nursing homes in the area.

Layne Rigney, President of Osprey Packs International, said: “In this unprecedented time, I am inspired by our team’s response. While our product team is committed to developing future season’s products, our repair team is mobilizing all of their efforts to support our regional healthcare workers. The repair team is giving our entire company something to be proud of and we hope this inspires others with available resources to take similar action.”

Osprey’s warranty and repair team will be able to produce approximately 100 fabric masks per day by the end of the week. The masks, made out of durable fabrics to sustain multiple wash cycles, can be worn over the N95 medical-grade mask.

Osprey is deeply committed to protecting the health and wellbeing of its community members, customers and employees. Once the needs in and around Cortez are met, Osprey will expand the distribution of masks to additional healthcare facilities and will continue mask production for as long as needed.

Osprey Europe is currently investigating if it is possible to meet the production specifications at its UK head office in Poole.

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