Apr 07, 20

OPRO Mouthguards donates 3D printers in aid of production of thousands of NHS face shields


OPRO, the world’s largest manufacturer of the most technically advanced mouthguard, a family run business out of Hemel Hempstead, have loaned their range of cutting-edge magna 3D printers to 3D printing experts, Photocentric.

Fellow Queen’s Award for Enterprise: Innovation winners, the move was made in a bid to support Photocentric print thousands of much needed protective face shields for use in hospitals across the UK and mainland Europe amidst a shortage of protective equipment for front line medical staff.

Essential for our courageous medics, the masks will help protect them from potential virus-containing droplets released through coughing and sneezing whilst treating patients and support them save lives.

A major concern during this Coronavirus outbreak with healthcare staff put at heightened risk of infection, 3D printing experts Photocentric have completely re-focused their production, using the suite of 3D printers donated by OPRO, to help them create thousands of protective face shields on a daily basis.

Dr Anthony Lovat, founder of OPRO, said: ‘Like many people, I have watched the COVID-19 crisis unfold and have been moved by the selflessness of our NHS. We have been working with Photocentric for 18 months now and when Paul Holt (Photocentric founder) contacted me to ask if we would loan them our suite of 3D printers to assist with the mass scale printing of protective face-shield parts for front line medics, I said ‘yes’ without hesitation.

“Right now it is incumbent upon all of us to help out however we can, and I’m delighted that we at OPRO can play our part in supporting the NHS save lives.”

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