Feb 17, 09

ODLO ups trade marketing push


ODLO has targeted the trade in its latest marketing drive to support its Evolution range of climate regulated sportswear for men and women. The marketing and promotional push will be concentrated on the multifunctional Evolution light range. Carrying sophisticated and stylised design elements, the individual pieces emphasise the muscular contours of men and the toned shape of women. The advanced, high specification materials used guarantee optimal moisture transport, even after the most intensive exercise sessions.

Commenting on the campaign, Ian Latham, ODLO’s UK and Ireland country manager, said: “This marketing offensive is planned to build market share and brand awareness through the selective development of our distribution base. We believe, as our products become more sophisticated, we have an educative job to do in the market to make the consumer more aware of the ranges themselves, as well as the features and benefits.

“That’s why we have targeted the trade with our suitably titled ‘Adjust Your Comfort Zone’ in-store drive, which sets out simply how to identify the range that will work best for the individual customer.”


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