Mar 10, 20

New énergie fitness gym to open in Milton Keynes thanks to HSBC UK


Olga Lapushner, Director and General Manager of Fit with Us

Family-run start-up company, Fit with Us, is set to open its first ever fitness facility after securing a six-figure loan from HSBC UK to assist with the fit out and start-up costs.

The Fit with Us gym, which has been developed under énergie Fitness brand, will be located in Milton Keynes’ new housing development, Brooklands. The gym aims to provide affordable and high quality fitness services to the area, with modern state of the art equipment as well as group exercise classes and activities. The opening will also create ten new jobs.

Olga Lapushner, Director and General Manager of Fit with Us, said: “I’ve been in the fitness industry for over 20 years. My husband and I have always dreamed of opening our own gym. We’re excited to be able to turn that dream into a reality as énergie Fitness Brooklands, which would not be possible without financial support from HSBC UK. We can’t wait to open our doors to the local community later this year and we hope this is the first of many gyms for Fit with Us.”

Jason Mowe, HSBC UK’s Area Director for Business Banking in East London, added: “We’re delighted to play a part in helping Fit with Us realise its dream and open its first ever site in Milton Keynes, which will bolster the fitness offer within the local community. We’re excited to watch the company continue to grow and flourish, hopefully with the addition of more gyms in the future.”

The new gym is due to open in late Spring 2020, with its pre-sales period starting this month.

The deal was part of HSBC UK’s £14 billion lending fund to support SMEs in the UK.

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