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Jan 21, 19

New Balance supports everybody’s race with 120 Days campaign


New Balance, the global athletic footwear and apparel brand, has launched 120 Days, the brand’s Virgin Money London Marathon campaign for 2019, which aims to support runners in the weeks of training leading up to race day.

The 120 Days campaign will provide inspiration yet relatable content by following five runners on their journey to marathon. Focusing on the highs and lows of training for the race of their life, Leon, Matilda, Matt, Sophie and Lloyd take us along on their journey, showing the gritty reality of training for a marathon and celebrating the sheer determination and commitment made by each and every runner ahead of the big day.
These five individuals are running the 2019 Virgin Money London Marathon for their own personal reasons.

Leon, who works on Savile Row, has a passion for running and records. He started running after a bike accident and found running helped while he was suffering with depression.


Matilda leads a community called ‘Fly Girl Collective,’ which she created to encourage more BAME (black, Asian and minority ethnic women) to pursue a fitness lifestyle. When asked why she is running the marathon Matilda said; “My purpose for running the marathon is to show other black women like me that it’s possible, because representation matters in all aspects of life, not least fitness.”


Sophie is a poet, DJ and radio show host who is taking on her first marathon in order to raise money for Mind, a charity close to her heart. Sophie uses running to help deal with anxiety and is passionate about raising money for a mental health charity.


Matt is a passionate runner who overcame testicular cancer in 2014 and has been in remission for four years. Matt will be completing his third Virgin Money London Marathon this April.


Lloyd is a full-time student athlete at St. Mary’s University, studying Sports Coaching Science. He coaches junior athletics and set up his own online run coach business called ‘Team Project Run’ in 2017. Lloyd is running the marathon with the aim of inspiring others to get into running.

Following the five runners training journey and providing tips and advice for 120 days, New Balance aims to celebrate the race before the race by motivating and celebrating runners throughout their training.
The effort and commitment required is greatest during the runs without the crowds cheering on with words of encouragement, photographers taking pictures and volunteers handing out water. New Balance celebrates the importance of training and these long runs through the 120 days campaign.

Samantha Matthews, Senior Marketing Manager at New Balance UK & Ireland, said: “We’re delighted to announce our 120 days campaign, which is all about focusing on the race before the race and motivating runners throughout their training. We want to celebrate the journey to race day and focus on the realities that face runners training for a marathon. We believe in each and every runner embarking on this challenge and want to be by their side every step of the way.”

To find out more about the 120 days campaign and track the five runners on their journey to race day follow @NewBalanceUK.

Photography by: Paul Ward – Stink Films

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The Virgin Money London Marathon is more than 26.2 miles, it’s 120 days of training, sweat, and hard work. But no matter the route, we’re all in this together. #EverybodysRace

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