Feb 28, 20

NATURE BIO, one of the first sports bottles made from sugar cane, is now being offered by Wildoo


Wildoo is the longstanding exclusive UK agent for EU-Bottle custom sports/bike bottles.

With the increasing negative publicity concerning single-use bottled water, more and more individuals and businesses are turning to re-usable sports bottles. Most traditional sports bottles are made using recyclable plastics so, although still a plastic product, offer massive environmental advantages over single-use bottled water. 

As well as their premium quality standard water bottles they now offer a new NATURE BIO bottle. NATURE BIO is one of the world’s first sports bottles made from sugar cane. Unlike traditional oil-based plastics, NATURE BIO uses the latest in Biopolymer Chemistry Technology to transform a renewable resource into an exceptionally high quality plastic. NATURE BIO is also recyclable at end of life so completing the REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE trilogy.

All their sports bottles are a premium quality, food safe, made in Europe product. They can be custom printed (minimum order 100pcs per design) with a usual lead-time of four-five weeks. 

More information on the Wildoo custom bottle programme can be found at

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