Apr 15, 20

Members unite to launch PTO Hub


The Professional Triathletes Organisation and its professionals have launched the PTO Hub, a central location for content generated by members to support, encourage and inspire in these uncertain times.

The PTO Hub showcases the world’s top professional triathletes reaching out through a combination of video, podcasts, live chats and interactive virtual exhibitions, and is designed to be a source of support, encouragement and inspiration.

Charles Adamo, PTO Chairman, said: “The PTO and its professionals appreciate that in this current environment people are rightfully focused on the immediate health and economic concerns that the COVID-19 situation has raised. This is not a time to compete, but to band together to support one another. The fear and anxiety surrounding COVID-19 is real and understandable, and of course, we do not purport to have many answers. Like other self-employed people in the economy, professional triathletes have found themselves unemployed and dealing with financial uncertainty.

“As previously announced, the PTO was able to provide some assistance in these circumstances by paying out $2,500,000 to 200 professional triathletes. In response to the PTO’s action in helping athletes, the professionals wanted to find a way to use their talents and expertise to help others. To add a triathlon spin to an old saying, ‘When life gives you aid, make an aid station’.”

Tim O’Donnell, co-president of the PTO, said: “Sport has a unique power to unite and inspire people, as professionals we have traditionally done this through our racing. However, with the season on hold, we have realised that we can do more. Through the PTO Hub we have come together to volunteer our expertise and experience in an effort to unite and inspire in a new and unique way. The athletes are grateful for the PTO’s support and can’t wait to pay in forward by supporting the triathlon community with the PTO Hub.”

Alistair Brownlee, two-time Olympic gold medal winner and PTO board member, added: “Exercise is a vital element of both physical and mental health, and it is especially important at this time. We hope that the PTO Hub will encourage and inspire people to be active in a responsible way.”

Athletes from around the globe, like Jan Frodeno, Alistair Brownlee, Lionel Sanders, Lucy Charles-Barclay, Daniela Ryf, Sebastian Kienle, Sarah Crowley, Anne Haug, Tim O’Donnell, Holly Lawrence and all of their PTO colleagues, will be joined by well-known multi-sport media pundits Bob Babbitt, Till Shenck, Stef Hanson, Greg Bennett and others, and the occasional celebrity contributor, and will look to provide the triathlon community with a home to support one another.

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