Apr 14, 21

Key e-commerce role for Sandra Nielsen at Isbjörn of Sweden


Premium, technical and truly sustainable outdoor kidswear brand, Isbjörn of Sweden, has appointed Sandra Nielsen as E-Commerce Manager, who will join its growing team at the company headquarters in Stockholm.
The appointment comes as Isbjörn experiences strong growth in online sales, with its webshop growing by 150% yoy in 2020.  Sandra’s role will strengthen the company’s focus on direct-to-consumer sales and she will manage digital analysis and daily e-commerce operations, plus website development and coordinating with Isbjörn’s digital partners including social influencers.

Sandra Nielsen, newly appointed E-Commerce Manager at Isbjörn: “My love of the outdoors - especially skiing - and embracing challenges and finding solutions, will serve me very well in my new role at Isbjörn. I’ve always felt my energy is one of my key strengths and I’m determined to make things happen and exceed both individual and business KPIs, as Isbjörn continues to focus on direct-to-consumer activities.”

Sandra’s previous experience includes online merchandising, managing projects and budgets, focusing on meeting expected goals and KPIs. Sandra has also recently studied e-commerce over a two-year period to ensure she stays one step ahead in this fast-changing sector, learning new skills such as SEM and SEO.

Isbjörn has already benefited from recent digital investment, with its webshop’s innovative AI chatbot Bernard helping to reduce online returns by 50%. Sandra’s appointment will help to build future digital innovation and success.
Maria Frykman, Founder and CEO of Isbjörn: “As our online sales continue to grow and become even more integral to our business in these changing times, Sandra is a much needed and welcome addition to our passionate team. With her excellent retail knowledge and infectious enthusiasm for learning and problem solving, we’re excited to work with Sandra to take the business forward and achieve our worldwide e-commerce and digital goals.”

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