Feb 20, 20

Independent gyms unite to end child hunger


It’s estimated that as many as 1.8 million school-age children in the UK are at risk of hunger in the morning. As well as threatening their physical development, this affects children’s ability to concentrate, causing devasting knock-on effects later in life.

In a bid to tackle this issue head on, the International Fitness Business Alliance – the voice of the independent gym sector – have committed to raising more than £500,000 to help support Magic Breakfast, a charity devoted to ending child hunger for good.
The IFBA and its member gyms are being encouraged to donate £2 for every monthly membership payment – and to ask their members to match this. For just 30p, Magic Breakfast can give a child a healthy breakfast and wrap-around support at school. If the fitness industry can unite to address a cause so pivotal to the health and wellbeing of our nation, the result could be truly transformational.

Jean-Claude Vacassin, Founder of the IFBA, said: “Magic Breakfast are doing something real to help our children, our communities. Some children come to school with the scraps of yesterday’s takeaway in their lunch box: this should not be happening. Children need to be nourished to learn and grow – which is why we have committed resource, time, and effort to help put an end to child hunger.

“For example, if a club and its 1000 members supported this cause, we could provide more than 13,000 breakfasts for children living across the UK. We have numerous independent clubs signed up but we need more. Please reach out to us at the IFBA for more information and support to join the initiative. With your help, we can ensure child hunger stops in 2020.”

The IFBA was set up to make the fitness industry the best it can be: for PTs, for independent gym owners, for fitness professionals, and ultimately for the fitness consumer.

Uniting some of the biggest changemakers in the global fitness scene, the IFBA is the incubator for learning, growth, and excellence in the health and fitness professions.

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