Feb 06, 06

Falke scoops ispo award

The Runner’s World journalists surveyed a jury of experts composed of sports retailers, material specialists and sportsmen and women, who justified their choice by saying:

‘Clothing specialist Falke has made a name for itself with functional sports socks. The company is known as an innovator of materials and knits and, more recently, as a manufacturer of fashionable, sporty, functional clothing always catering to the dictates of functional requirements. In the running segment, this is currently demonstrated by the Ergonomic Sport System collection.

“In this area Falke does not only provide an ideal product with its circular knitted and therefore seamless functional underwear, but the functionally coordinated second layer and outerwear is some of the best functional running clothing available on the runner’s market.’

Says Andreas Soeffker, sales and marketing manager at Falke Sport: ?This surprising award for our functional and highly fashionable collection and the excellent feedback from dealers are a great confirmation that the very high quality standards set by Falke is desired and rewarded by customers and end-consumers alike.?

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