Apr 09, 20

F45 Training launches all new 45-day challenge starting on Easter Monday


F45 invites you to take the challenge to achieve your health and fitness goals from your own home with the support of its global community.

The 45-day online challenge will commence on Monday, April 13, and is an adaptation of the world-renowned Eight Week Challenge with the same principles to achieve your health and fitness goals at home.

Following the Easter Bank Holiday, Challenge 26 is a great way to reset your goals with a focus on training and nutrition. It’s never been more important to maintain a healthy mindset, stay active and look after your immune system.

F45 encourages you to challenge someone in your household, a friend or colleague to stay accountable and to maintain a sense of community and connection. This could be as simple as training together in the living room or via a live streaming service like Zoom.

Participants are encouraged to sign up via the F45 Challenge app and website where they will be able to access daily meal plans, daily equipment-free workouts, based on the ‘Gravity’ in-studio class led by the Face of F45, Cory George. For those looking for some extra motivation, F45 Live is now available to live stream via Zoom with qualified F45 Trainers to coach through those final reps with your local team.

Cory George said: “As we navigate through this time, it’s important to look after your well-being, not just physically but also mentally. One of the best ways to do this is to get active, fuel your body with healthy food and workout with a strong, like-minded community online. Wherever you are in the world right now, we’re all one team, one F45 family, united in our love for fitness and community. F45 is all about making fitness accessible to communities around the globe, which is why we’re bringing the hugely successful F45 Challenge, coupled with our popular F45 workouts right to your home.”

Further supporting members, F45’s new at-home workout portal offers a mix of on-demand F45 classes to help members stay on track to achieve their fitness goals. Now members can select from two tiers to customise their experience:

F45 Live (approximately £80/month*) features live stream classes with F45’s top trainers and on-demand classes that use bodyweight exercises to achieve maximum results, meaning no equipment is required as well as all the features available to the F45 Challenge Subscribers;

F45 Challenge Subscriber features on-demand access to Gravity workouts, HIIT workouts, as well as the Challenge meal plans, over 1,000 recipes, shopping lists, and goal setting tools.

As a leader in the fitness industry, F45 has innovation, health and wellbeing in its DNA and is committed to providing innovative solutions to suit its members by making fitness accessible to communities around the globe during this uncertain time.

Sign up for the 45-day challenge here.
* Prices vary and are up to the discretion of each studio

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