Jan 13, 20

Escape wins Best Innovation at UK Fitness Awards


Escape Fitness has been awarded a best innovation award at the recent UK Fitness Awards in recognition of its VECTOR training tool – a dial-in resistance tube system that’s being used at the highest levels of sports performance, physical therapy and rehabilitation.

The black tie event took place in a luxury hotel sky bar overlooking the city of Birmingham, with guests including ex-special forces soldier Ant Middleton and fitness icons such as Flex Lewis and Micquel Wright.

Nominated in the “Innovation In Fitness 2019 (Company)” category, Escape won the accolade for being a company that’s at the forefront of producing and distributing cutting edge equipment for use by fitness professionals and personal trainers.

The VECTOR is the future of resistance bands, offering versatility that far surpasses anything else on the market. Its tubes are made from Kevlar (an incredibly strong material) that reduces the risk of snap-back and, with the simple turn of a dial, you can immediately change resistance levels to progress or change exercises.

Upon hearing the news, Eric Kaye, founder and CEO of Escape’s partners Kayezen VECTOR said: “We want to thank Escape, PT Academy and the UK Fitness Awards organisation for this honour.

“Escape Fitness is a recognised global leader in functional training and we are thrilled to be partnered with a team that shares our mindset for helping people continuously improve their performance, health and resilience.
“Both Escape and PT Academy share our vision for how the Kayezen VECTOR’s dial-in resistance tube system delivers new exercise challenges for group fitness and personal training.

“We are excited to build on the momentum we have with Escape and PT Academy in 2020 and look forward to jointly developing even more applications for the VECTOR.”
Collaboration is the way forward in fitness.

“The reason that we work so hard as a team in developing products, partnering with other innovators, and evolving fitness offerings around the world is to bring a new level of experience that changes the lives of operators, PTs and members alike,” explained Ben Hackney-Williams, head of content at Escape Fitness, who accepted the award on behalf of the company.

“VECTOR is the perfect example of how working together brings the biggest benefits. We hear from a lot of entrepreneurs, industry figures and celebrities on our Escape Your Limits podcast and one of the biggest trending topics over the past year is how a rising tide lifts all boats. This award win goes to further prove that collaboration is the way forward.

“On behalf of Escape I’d like to give a huge thank you to Eric and the team at Kayezen, the UK Fitness Awards team, PT Academy and everyone that voted for Escape Fitness and the VECTOR for 2019’s Innovation In Fitness.”

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