Energy bars from space


THIS1 was designed to be eaten in extreme conditions and it does exactly what is says – it has been successfully tested on Mt Everest, Mt Kenya, solo-sailed through the Atlantic Ocean and helped the world’s first walk through the Gobi Desert. However, versatility and durability are not the only features worth mentioning. THIS1 is made from 100% recyclable packaging tape, reducing the chances of contributing towards landfill.

Although technique of vacuum-packing and dehydrating food is a known theme in the outdoor industry, vacuum-packed energy bars called THIS1 are a surprisingly fresh combination of features – non-freezing, waterproof, crush-resistant and most importantly – quite delicious, especially when the sub-zero weather limits your menu to dried fruit and a handful of nuts. “- This looks like astronaut food” – one of the comments THIS1 energy bars are getting constantly - among others, like “- Which one?” followed by a satisfied giggle.

Made from variety of natural ingredients, such as cashews, almonds, cocoa, sunflower seeds and cane sugar – you know exactly what goes through your body. A reasonable balance between slow-released energy from unsaturated “good” fats and quick energy boost from sugar makes THIS1 an increasingly popular choice among extreme alpinists, passionate climbers and weekend walkers.

First official UK appearance will take place during the upcoming Outdoor Trade Show at EventCity in Manchester 9th-11th July. All OTS visitors are invited to Stand 278 (top-right corner) for a free sample, served in Everest Base Camp temperature: -18C. No dentist waiver required.

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