Oct 25, 21

EDZ reports record breaking sales


British clothing brand, EDZ, which specialises in merino wool outdoor clothing and accessories, has reported strong growth in its online sales seeing a 53% increase in website sales from April 2020 to March 2021. 

The significant increase in sales has seen EDZ achieve one of its best years and indicates strong interest in performance clothing made from sustainable natural fibres that are suitable for multiple disciplines such as hiking, running, cycling, climbing, and skiing, as well as for everyday wear. 

As EDZ’s online sales have been on a steady upward trajectory, the Cumbrian-based brand made the decision to fully commit its efforts and resources to direct sales, and after 26 years has closed its wholesale division.

James Tilleard, Managing Director at EDZ, commented on the growth in sales, “Our strong growth across the EDZ range reflect increased awareness in our brand plus the demand for natural performance products.

“Wool is the ideal performance material as it doesn’t compromise on comfort or performance. Pairing its biodegradable features with its natural climate control properties making it suitable for year-round-use, makes merino wool clothing an incredible environmentally friendly purchase.”

Founded in 1995, EDZ offer a range of merino wool products for both men and women that are ethically sourced and combine style with functionality.

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