Apr 20, 09

EAS powers Nicole Cooke and her new Vision 1 team


Nicole Cooke has chosen EAS as the official sports nutrition partner for her new Vision 1 Ladies Racing Team. EAS is a long-standing nutrition partner for cyclist Nicole, having supported her meteoric rise through the world rankings over the past five years, and was the fuel that fed her historic Olympic and world championship wins in 2008.

“EAS is the only sports nutrition brand that I wanted to support my team’s training, competition and recovery programme,” says Nicole. “I’ve enjoyed great support, advice and success with EAS and am delighted my fellow riders can also benefit from this world class nutrition.”

“Nicole is one of our greatest success stories and we feel very privileged to be chosen to not just continue working with her, but also to help bring on the new Vision 1 team,” says James Anderson, head of EAS UK.  “We will work closely with all the riders to make sure each receives exactly the right combination of nutritional support at all stages of training and competition.”

Vision 1 Racing is a four-year project that aims to build on Nicole’s success and bring on the talent of young, female road racers from around Europe. The squad is nine-strong and will increase over the next couple of seasons to 12. The idea is that from the 12 cyclists a strong British team will emerge for the 2012 Olympics. 

“The idea of Vision 1 formed last year when I realised I was in a perfect position to give something back to the sport that has given me so much,” says Nicole. “I have always looked for ways to be at my personal best and this approach applies to all areas of my preparation - particularly nutrition, which is why I use EAS. To achieve what no cyclist had done before and become world and Olympic champion in the same season required the absolute best and I know EAS has played a significant part in my success.”

Nicole favours the EAS Energy range that comprises drinks, bars and gels to support endurance sport. EAS is known as ‘sports nutrition products the pros use’ as it is enjoyed by many world-class athletes competing in rugby, football, cycling, triathlon, running, bodybuilding and weightlifting. Coaches and athletes understand the importance of using top quality, scientifically tested sports nutrition during training, competition and recovery. Importantly, for athletes’ peace of mind, EAS products are ‘Doping Free’ guaranteed. Amateur athletes can also enjoy the benefits of EAS, with products widely available at health food shops, gyms and

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