Dynafit’s Böhm sets new record


Dynafit managing director Benedikt ‘Bene’ Böhm climbed Dhaulagiri VII in Nepal in a new record time.

The 42-year-old started his ascent from base camp, on October 15, at 4,903m (16,086 feet) and only needed six hours and six minutes to reach the summit at 7,246m (23,773 feet). Böhm skied from the summit and returned to base camp in a total of seven hours and 53 minutes, breaking the goal he set for himself of eight hours.

The father of three made his speed ascent for a good cause, raising funds for an elementary and secondary school in Dandaphaya in Humla, one of the poorest regions in Nepal. Dynafit created a headband sold specifically for the cause, and has already raised over 7,500 euros.

Böhm said: “Dhaulagiri VII is a stupendous ski touring mountain with its amazing snowy slopes. The snow conditions were somewhat of a challenge. From icy crusts and icy passages where the wind had blown away much of the snow, we confronted about everything. In addition, it was extremely cold. In combination with the altitude the nights before the summit push were of course relatively uneasy.

“I am very happy that I was able to hit my goal of eight hours or less. However, this speed ascent definitively pushed me to my limits physically. When all is said and done, the mind is the decisive factor. And knowing the expedition was all in the name of a good cause, you give a little extra push. A hearty thank-you to everyone who has supported the ‘United for Himalayan Kids’ campaign and has thus given kids access to a good education.”

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