Jul 13, 17

Cutting-edge waterproof gimbal inspires extreme sport enthusiasts to #upyourgame


FeiyuTech, one of the world’s leading brands in gimbal technology, announces the launch of its three-axis rotating waterproof WG2 gimbal with cutting edge smart technology to inspire everyone to up their videography game.

The WG2 gimbal is waterproof in fresh water up to half a meter deep with IP67-level verification for any water-sports enthusiasts.

Bored of uninspiring amateur videography? Never miss another transcendent sunset with the hands-free auto-rotating function. The WG2 can follow a planned rotation route that has been set manually to follow the sunset in time-lapse mode. Film the world in the round as the WG2 gimbal has 360° rotation in both the tilt and roll of the axes.

The founder of FeiyuTech, Eric Wei, said: “The WG2 inspires everyone to up their videography game, whether they’re an amateur or professional photographer or hobbyist who likes to document their holidays. Every video is smooth moving and higher quality with a WG2 gimbal.

“Whether it’s a trip, a festival or extreme sports activity, the WG2 will steady footage to create professionally looking content to share on social media and digital platforms.

“The device supports slow motion shooting so users can get creative. Its compact size means it’s mountable anywhere - helmet, chest, bag, bike, car, paddle board and kayak. Even at deadly speeds on a motorbike, the WG2 will steady the journey’s footage.”

Extensions and accessories

Purchasable accessories include a newly designed and more sturdy tripod as well as an adjustable pole that turns the WG2 easily into a handheld gimbal making it flexible and portable. The device is easily mounted on a helmet, chest, bike, paddleboard, a skateboard with more extendable accessories screwed in by the bottom and backside 1/4 inch screws.

The WG2 is compatible with action cameras with a maximum weight of 130g. It fits action cameras such as GoPro Hero 5, HERO 4, Session, Yo 4K, AEE, SJCam and more.

Connect the WG2 gimbal to an iOS or Android app and control the device with the swipe of a finger. The app or bluetooth connection remote control can change filming angles, enable imaginative, inspiring creative photography and videography to set inspiration free.

Cutting-edge technology production
Advanced algorithms have improved the anti-jamming system and computing ability of the sensor in high-frequency jitter and high-speed motion circumstances. The production of the WG2 waterproof gimbal adopts a metal CNC precision process to ensure a high-standard of resistance to impact, ultimately providing an unprecedented filming experience.

WG2 gimbal is one of the most compact and lightweight motorized stabilizers, yet it provides impressive rotational force in all three motors to resist shaky footage. A built-in lithium battery lasts for 2.5 hours with charge time of two hours.

The WG2 comes with the tripod and is available for an RRP of $299 / £299.99 FeiyuTech’s online store and Amazon store (US) Amazon store (UK).

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