Feb 19, 07

Chip & PIN secure & safe

Two years on from the introduction of Chip and PIN, the latest survey from online credit report provider Equifax reveals that 68 per cent of British consumers believe the system provides a secure and safe way to pay. However, nearly 50 per cent of respondents would also like to sign as well as use a PIN for extra security.

“Our survey shows that the majority of consumers have positively adopted the Chip and PIN technology, which is great news in tackling credit and ID fraud,” says Neil Munroe, External Affairs Director of Equifax.

“But what our survey also reveals is that the introduction of Chip and PIN and the need to remember PINs has meant that over a quarter of consumers have reduced the number of cards they use.”

However, One challenge that still faces Chip and PIN, according to the Equifax survey, is the environment provided by retailers for consumers to enter their PIN - 74 per cent of respondents feel that retailers still do not provide a safe and discreet place to do so.

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