Mar 19, 20

Canyon announces Pathlite:ON E-trekking bike


The Pathlite:ON. Picture credit: Canyon Bicycle

Canyon’s DNA is deeply rooted in the world of competitive cycling.

But, over recent years, the German direct-sales brand has also significantly increased its commitment across a broad range of the cycling spectrum: most prominently in the areas of leisure, fitness and urban cycling.

Models such as the Roadlite and Pathlite hybrid bikes and Commuter urban bike stand testament to Canyon’s commitment to establishing the bicycle as the future of personal mobility. Most recently, the Roadlite:ON took things to another level, as Canyon’s first-ever e-hybrid bike. And now, with the release of the Pathlite:ON e-trekking bike, Canyon is again taking another huge, important step forward.

Max Stauber, Urban & Fitness Brand Manager, said: “Our ambition for the Pathlite ON was offer customers a versatile E-bike for on-road or off-road use which was robust, practical and user friendly, while still retaining the award winning design and performance which Canyon is renowned for. With a range of price points available, as well as ‘behind the scenes’ refinements to the user experience, from ordering through to receiving the bike, we feel confident the Pathlite:ON is accessible to riders of all levels.”

The motorised version of the Pathlite, the Pathlite:ON, is an e-trekking bike designed for adventure without limits. Built around a robust, high-grade aluminium frame with integrated battery and motor, the bike also features a range of design details and equipment that let riders get the very most out of their tours. With Supernova lights with high and low beam modes, a sleek, minimalistic rear rack, and suspension fork and disc brakes, the Pathlite:ON is ready for an enormous range of riding scenarios. Whether it’s the daily office run, nursery runs with the kids, weekend micro-adventures, trips to the shops – this is one bike for any ride.

The key to this outstanding versatility is the bike’s Bosch Performance Line CX motor, the most powerful drive system ever fitted on a Canyon bike. Battery capacity is excellent – all Roadlite:ON models come fitted with a 500 Wh Powertube battery, perfectly integrated into the down tube, with selected bikes featuring a second 500 Wh battery mounted within the frame for a huge total range. Optimally positioned right at the bike’s centre of gravity, and weighing only 2.9 kg, the motor delivers incredible performance: 75 Nm maximum torque, and a maximum range of 150 km.

Five Pathlite:ON models will be available, at price points from £2,349-£4,649. Five sizes available: XS-XL. Get all the details about the bike at

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