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Mar 09, 19

Beryl to turn Hereford green with bikeshare scheme


Beryl, the British urban cycling brand, have entered a two-year partnership with Hereford local council to deliver an innovative bike share scheme to the area.

This follows the news last month that Beryl will move into the urban bike-sharing sector in its own right announcing their first location as Bournemouth and Poole.

From summer 2019, Beryl’s distinctive emerald green bikes will be distributed at key destinations across Hereford. The bikes will be available for hire via the Beryl App, which lets users find a bike, and then easily unlock it, simply using their smartphone. The App will be available for download on the Apple app store for iPhone, and the Google Play Store for Android users.

Users will be informed of the location of ‘Beryl Bays’, the preferred parking locations to leave the bikes. However, the scheme is designed with flexibility in mind and will allow users to park the bikes elsewhere for an extra charge, provided they are safely within the scheme area.

Beryl has significant experience in providing innovative technology for bike share schemes. Their patented Laserlight technology can be seen on the streets of London on the Transport for London’s Santander Cycles as well as the New York, Montreal and Glasgow scheme.

In 2018, Beryl launched two dockless bike share schemes in London for corporate clients, and is now expanding to city-wide schemes. Beryl is also accredited with CoMoUK, which is the agreed standard of Best Practice for the industry.

Marc Willimont, acting assistant director for Regulatory Environment and Waste Herefordshire Council, said: “The bike share scheme is a welcome addition to the other travel options offered through our Choose How you Move project, which aims to reduce traffic congestion and improve quality of life by promoting and supporting increased walking, cycling, bus travel and car-sharing. Bike share will open up the opportunity to cycle in and around Hereford to many more people.”

Philip Ellis, COO at Beryl, added: “We are excited to be including Hereford in initial roll out of the Beryl bike share scheme across the UK, taking us a step closer to our mission to get more people in cities on bikes.”

He added, “At Beryl, we believe in the power of bringing private and public sector together to collaborate on common goals, such as getting more people to choose active transport. We’re proud to be working with Hereford as one of our local authority partners.”

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