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Nov 07, 18

Beryl smashes Laserlight Core Kickstarter target


The Laserlight Core, the latest addition to Beryl’s urban light range, has now raised over £107,064 on Kickstarter, exceeding the £38,333 target.

The Kickstarter campaign, which ended on November 6 received support from 1,403 backers throughout the campaign. The backers will receive their products in time for Christmas.

The Laserlight Core is the flagship product from British urban cycling brand, Beryl. Designed to be the world’s safest bike light, Laserlight Core tackles the issue of cyclist visibility in vehicle blind spots, projecting an image of a cyclist 6m in front of your bike.

The first generation of the Laserlight was initially launched via the Kickstarter community in 2013. The light was created to tackle the biggest problem for city cyclists: being caught in the blind spot. By 2016 the Laserlight technology was incorporated into all of London’s Santander Cycles bike share scheme as well as on a selection of New York’s Citi Bikes.

The Laserlight Core has Beryl’s patented laser projection technology, combining a white light and a laser image to beam out of blind spots, junctions and situations where you’re otherwise unseen. Cased in a durable Carbon Grey polymer, the Core is designed to be lightweight for the city commuter.

An independently-funded report by the Transport Research Lab demonstrated that the Laserlight Core reduces blind spots of other vehicles by up to 97 per cent, increasing rider visibility to vehicles by up to 32 per cent.

The laser feature is complemented by a white light with up to 400 lumens brightness to provide further visibility on the road and it attaches easily to the front handlebars with a tool-free silicone bracket. The product is battery-powered with micro-USB charging for ease.

The fully waterproof design has up to 41 hours battery life and the Day Flash mode makes sure riders can be seen clearly, even during the day.

Emily Brooke, Founder and CEO at Beryl, said: “We are so grateful to the community on Kickstarter and all our backers for supporting the next generation of the Laserlight and helping us on our mission to get more people in cities on bikes. Kickstarter is a great way to get immediate and direct feedback from the people who will be using our lights every day, and by launching the Laserlight Core on the platform, we have been able to give exclusive access to the community who originally brought the idea to life.”

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