Feb 25, 20

Assassin Goods partner with Atlas Games


Assassin Goods, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of sport equipment, has confirmed its partnership with ATLAS Games, the brand-new functional fitness event in the UK.

Based in Cumbria, Assassin Goods are specialists in supplying CrossFit equipment around the UK and have recently begun to provide their quality sports equipment rental for selected events. The athlete-run business applies experience and hands-on knowledge in conjunction with local fabricators to provide equipment designed to meet their customers specific needs.

ATLAS Games is the brand-new two-day functional fitness event taking place on the August 22-23, 2020 in Sussex. The competition will see teams of four (men, women and mixed categories) compete and showcase their fitness, strength and power.

The partnership places Assassin Goods as the official kit partner of the inaugural ATLAS Games and will see its equipment being used within the 12 events throughout the day. Full details of the events are yet to be revealed but organisers promised an inclusive but gruelling programme.

Jim Galvin, ATLAS Games Director, said: “As this is an inaugural event for the functional fitness industry, we wanted to make sure we had quality equipment for our expected 800 athletes to compete with. Having Assassin Goods as our kit partner allows us to do just that.”

Michael Walters, Owner of Assassin Goods, added: “Our aim is to supply the fitness industry with top quality good that stand the test of time. We are delighted to have teamed up with the Atlas Games.”

For more information on the ATLAS Games visit

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