Jan 14, 21

Artilect - Melding Art and Intelligence for Next Generation Performance Apparel


Artilect - Melding Art and Intelligence for Next Generation Performance Apparel Tip off for next winter - look out for Artilect, a new action/outdoor brand established by a team of professional with decades of experience in the global marketplace.  ARTILECT is founded as a creative outdoor apparel studio focused on elevating human performance in any environment, and creating apparel systems that anticipate consumer needs from the inside out. The brand will meld technology, style and function, with sustainability as a core principle from day one. 

In its first season, ARTILECT will launch with lines for all genders, with design leadership from co-founder Trent Bush and industry veteran Erica Cahn, who brings her vision of the future of the outdoors to the brand.

he core of the ARTILECT line is A/SYS®, a comprehensive technical apparel system. Each individual style will offer next-level performance as a standalone, but greatly optimized when worn in the ARTILECT system. Every item in the A/SYS® apparel system is designed with an understanding of the critical importance of moisture management, thermoregulation, breathability, and performance, and will reflect a style that’s uniquely ARTILECT. The ARTILECT brand is designed for those people who are looking to the future of the action/outdoor market, and who desire the absolutely best performance and style.


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