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Active Lifestyle Centre leads the way with a decade of commitment to excellence


An Active Lifestyle Centre in South Gloucestershire has been recognised for its long-standing commitment to excellence and continuous improvement by Sport England’s leading national quality scheme, Quest.

The centre in Longwell Green, which opened in 2007 and is operated by Circadian Trust, a not-for-profit organisation, has been presented with a Long Service Award to celebrate ten years of continuous involvement in the scheme.

Quest sets out a national benchmarking service in the leisure industry, defining industry standards and encouraging the ongoing development of facilities and services. Centres are regularly assessed via an external audit across all areas of the business, including cleaning and housekeeping, customer experience, community outcomes, and group engagement, including focus on different demographics such as women and girls, or young people.

Longwell Green Active Lifestyle Centre is one of a handful of leisure facilities in the country to have been awarded the Long Service Award in recognition of long-term commitment to quality.

Dan Flahive, centre manager at Longwell Green, said: “This award is a credit to the hardworking staff that keep our Centre running to such a high standard. We have been part of Quest almost since Longwell Green opened in 2007, so it’s a real achievement to celebrate this decade of success with them.”

Ben Beasley, director of commercial development at Circadian Trust, added: “This award demonstrates the high quality that our centres operate at, not just in Longwell Green but at all five centres across South Gloucestershire. Quest is a big part of our success story at this centre and it’s great to be able to share this success with the community who use and benefit from Longwell Green Active Lifestyle Centre.”

There are currently five Active Lifestyle Centres operated by Circadian Trust across South Gloucestershire - in Bradley Stoke, Kingswood, Longwell Green, Thornbury and Yate.

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