Apr 03, 20

A new challenge for spring from Up & Running


Up & Running are launching a new challenge so that the running community can get creative.

Having had to stop the Social Running Groups, organised through their stores, due to the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, Up & Running set up their #virtualSRG to keep runners connected.

And they have now launched their #RunSpring Challenge to keep the community talking and communicating about running but also broadening the conversation around a theme.

Jonathan Midwood, general manager Up & Running, said: “We are excited to announce a new challenge for our #virtualSRG throughout April. We are calling it our #RunSpring Challenge. We will be announcing a new item every Monday in April, starting Monday 6th, for participants to hunt down while, or after, they have exercised to take a photo of.

“You can either find the item on a run, or you might need to get a bit more creative at home and exercise or find something that fits the bill.

“We also have a Polar Ignite Watch to giveaway at the end of the month, which will be chosen at random, to people that have taken part throughout the challenge.

“It’s very simple and everyone is welcome! Don’t forget to share, tag, follow @socialrungroup on all platforms, and post your photos to us, so you can be in with a chance of winning!

“We look forward to seeing how creative you can all get.”




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Spektrum are leaders in sustainable sports eyewear.

Spektrum are leaders in sustainable sports eyewear.

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