Mar 12, 21

Rab & Lowe Alpine announce second webinar in this series: Climate Science and Mountaineering


Following our first webinar to celebrate Rab and Lowe Alpine becoming a certified climate neutral company, we are delighted to announce our second webinar in this series: “Climate Science and Mountaineering – how we can look to our future with hope” by climate scientist, film producer, mixed climber and Rab athlete Ryan Vachon (US) on March 18, 5.30 pm GMT / 6.30 pm CET.

Details on how to register for the webinar can be found >HERE


Climate is changing around the planet, and it is the mountains and polar regions that are changing the most. In this webinar, Ryan Vachon will share his experiences and lessons learned from his journey as climate scientist, film producer and mixed climber.
Ryan earned his Ph.D. in climate science and geochemistry in 2006. For 15 years, Ryan travelled Greenland, Alaska, the Andes and the Himalaya researching changing climate while realising his ambitious projects as a climber and alpinist. In the 2000’s, Ryan directed his professional goals to include raising awareness to human’s connection and interactivity with natural systems. 

(c) Archives Ryan Vachon
Join in and find out how the frozen world is reshaping itself, where humans fit into the equation and how each of us can look to our future with hope. Please note that due to the interactive character of this online lecture, participation is limited so please register >HERE




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