Mar 18, 20

88 per cent recycled Ghost Shadow Hoody wins top outdoor clothing award


Mountain Hardwear’s sustainable Ghost Shadow Hoody has won gold in the clothing category at this year’s UK OIA Awards, announced at the Outdoor Industry Association’s conference in Cheshire this week.

Ghost Shadow Hoody, was up against some tough competition, with both top outdoor industry judges and the public recognising its strong sustainable benefits, while still maintaining high-performance.

Between its 100 per cent post-industrial recycled shell fabric and semi-recycled trims, lining, and insulation, the Ghost Shadow Hoody has 88 per cent total recycled content. It raises the standard of utility, while reducing carbon and water impact to bring the heat to where it’s supposed to - the wearer, not the atmosphere.

Steve Adams, Product Line Manager of Outerwear at Mountain Hardwear, said: “Our experience-driven design team has worked tirelessly to bring this innovative, sustainable and synthetic equivalent to our best-selling Ghost Whisperer to market. To be recognised at such a prominent UK event, among strong competition, is a great accolade - especially as votes came from both outdoor industry experts and the general public.

“Ghost Shadow uses 100 per cent recycled ripstop nylon and recycled trims and is insulated with 100 per cent and 70 per cent post-consumer recycled PrimaLoft Eco synthetic insulation. It provides amazing warmth-to-weight ratio for a stand-alone outer or warmth layer and remains warm and dry, even in wet weather.”

As well as weight and fabric technologies, Ghost Shadow was also recognised for its further impressive eco benefits, including using 52 per cent less water and reducing carbon emissions by 39 per cent during the manufacturing process.

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Spektrum are leaders in sustainable sports eyewear.

Spektrum are leaders in sustainable sports eyewear.

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