Oct 29, 20

2020 Online Bike Retail Published for UK - Who Rode to Victory, Who Went into a Spin?


Curious to know how the UK bicycle market has performed during 2020, the oddest year on record for over a century? Us too. Fortunately, Salience Search Marketing have done all the Lycra-clad legwork and pulled all the facts together in one, handy, free 20-page UK Cycling Market report.

The report covers the top players online and ranks them against each other across digital KIPs. Highlights include:

• YoY the market has gained 3% visibility

• Evans Cycles has the second-highest organic visibility in the market, despite losing some visibility this year

• Bikester has gained 278% visibility YoY

• Giant Cycles are leading are social charts

Keen to learn more? Follow the link, take the ride.

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All the stats and data about the 2020 UK Bicycle market in a digital nutshell Search Volume Trends
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Spektrum are leaders in sustainable sports eyewear.

Spektrum are leaders in sustainable sports eyewear.

Their range of performance eyewear is made using bio plastic derived from the Castor Bean. The Castor plant is extremely hardy and grows where normal food crops normally perish. This process draws in atmospheric carbon and locks it away in the final product, rather than pulling up traditional oils from underground to make plastics with.

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