May 09, 2016

Market research: Children and teens market

Market research: Children and teens market

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As in all competitive markets, players who are able to cultivate loyalty in their shoppers stand the best chance of succeeding over time - and increasingly, sports manufacturers and retailers alike are sharpening their focus on younger consumers as part of their strategies to ensure commercial longevity. 

Market share in the big five
Across the big five (Germany, France, Great Britain, Spain and Italy), in the 12 months to December 2015 consumers below the age of 18 accounted for 27 per cent of the footwear and apparel market in value terms, with a stronger weight in footwear - holding 33 per cent of the market, compared to 23 per cent in apparel. 

Considering these geographies individually, the 18 and below demographic brings in the most value overall in footwear and apparel in Spain (32 per cent), while representing the least in Germany (20 per cent).

Athletic footwear
Focusing on athletic footwear across the big five, the average price of a pair of shoes among wearers below the age of 18 is £29.3, which is 17 per cent below the average price of £35.4 in the 12 months to December 2015. 

However, when within this age group we separate out teens, we see their pricing is aligned with what adults pay. In the case of Great Britain, the average price for teen wearers is £38.3, while shoes bought for children 12 and under sell at an average price of £24.81.

This serves as a reminder that the added value features that enable higher prices such as design elements and technological innovations carry a significant weight among young consumers at the formative teenage life stage, who may be more interested in making a statement or expressing themselves through their athletic gear and/or are ready to take advantage of the latest product performance enhancements. 

Purchase motivators
Using consumer panel data, we can measure the extent to which various factors motivate consumers to purchase particular products or brands. In the case of children/teenagers, this will largely be driven by parents purchasing for their children.

Indeed, in the case of footwear wearers between the ages of 13 and 17, fashion/design ranks as the top purchase motivator, while the impact of this factor is lesser in the case of those aged 12 and under, as discount/price plays a greater role. 

Nike and adidas
From a brand perspective, Nike and adidas combined account for over half of the under-18 footwear market in Great Britain, holding a stronger weight here than when considering the overall market for both the footwear and apparel markets. 

Footwear categories
From a footwear category perspective, the under-18 group holds the greatest share in football (74 per cent of category value), while outdoor is where they generate the least in value (19 per cent). 

Other strong categories for under-18 users include sportswear/leisure and basketball.

Popular retailers
From a retail perspective, Sports Direct and Foot Locker account for more than half of the under-18 market, holding a stronger weight than what they together hold in the total market. 

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