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Jan 28, 2019

Up & Running’s Social Run Group

Up & Running’s Social Run Group

Up & Running’s Social Run Group is going from strength to strength in 2019 seeing numbers boom having over 700 runners run in the yellow T-shirt. One store Darlington had over 150 on one 5k run. The yellow train is certainly moving across the country and picking up new passengers each week.

SRG is fun free and friendly and open to absolutely anyone no one is ever left behind and every pace is catered for.  The groups are led by enthusiastic runners who guide and support all the runners along the routes. There are 23 groups running each week up and down the country.

A word from the Up and running Darlington store manager.
“SRG is a great way to help people get into running in a free and safe environment. It doesn’t matter your ability we welcome elite athletes to complete beginners. The whole group runs together, the front runners can do extra by looping back which brings the back runners into the group and not left behind. From start to the finish of each run everyone runs with a smile and looks after each other. Supports and encourages one another. Which is great to see. It is a community group with a relaxed atmosphere, I recommend SRG to anyone that hardest part is leaving the door with your trainers but once you have you won’t look back.” Dan

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