May 17, 2012

Stand space going fast for 2012 shows

Stand space going fast for 2012 shows

Stand space is going fast for the STAG Buying Shows that are taking place this year.

Key suppliers such as Asics, Canterbury, Reydon, Puma, Hi-Tec and Mizuno have all either rebooked the same exhibition space or an increased size from last year, proving the shows continue to deliver exceptional value for money.

New supplier Optimum will be exhibiting for the first time and will be adding to the growing list of special offers that retailers can take advantage of during the two-day events.

Retailer bookings have already topped 130 for STAG’s UK show.

Show dates are: Republic of Ireland - October 21-22; UK - November 18-19.

STAG has enjoyed a positive start to 2012, reporting above budget results for the period February-April.

Joint managing director Ricky Chandler says: “We are delighted with our first quarter results, as we are a direct reflection of what our members are achieving at present.

“There seems to be an air of optimism from our members and the level of daily orders are extremely good from our specialist businesses.

“Suppliers are reporting an increase in their forward order books for this year, so we are looking forward to a very positive 2012.”

STAG says it’s delighted with the reaction from members to the new suppliers that have joined the group recently.

Helly Hansen, Polar and Optimum joined as suppliers in the last six months, and all are reporting good sales and distribution increases.

“Our members have been very pleased that these specialist brands have joined STAG and offer preferential terms on functional and innovative product ranges that are key to independent specialist retailers,” says Ricky Chandler.

“We are very much looking forward to our continued growth with the brands during 2012 and beyond after such a positive start to our relationship.”

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