Jan 25, 2010

Join the Sport Industry Breakfast Club

The Sport Industry Breakfast Club is the latest addition to the range of Sport Industry Group networking events that facilitate the industry’s most influential people in meeting, talking, sharing ideas and shaping its future.

Over 50 industry professionals have already joined the Breakfast Club from an array of brands, agencies and sporting organisations. Membership is strictly limited and granted on a first-come, first-served basis.

The Breakfast Club has been established to create four uniquely positioned events throughout the year that will see prominent individuals from the global sporting hierarchy interviewed on relevant and topical subjects. These interviews will take place in front of an exclusive members-only audience of leading figures from across the entire spectrum of the UK and European sport industry.

The Sport Industry Group has confirmed three high profile interviewees for the launch of the Breakfast Club:

March 16: Andy Anson, chief executive, England 2018 Ltd.

June 8: Roger Draper, chief executive, LTA.

September 16: Steve Easterbrook, president and CEO, McDonald’s UK.

Each event will be held in the impressive surroundings of Bloomberg’s central London offices in Finsbury Square, which will provide a stunning backdrop to a morning of insight and networking before the working day begins.

Coffee and pastries will be served at 8am, allowing networking opportunities for the first hour before the interview begins, with the event concluding by 9:30am.

Visit for more information on joining the Sport Industry Breakfast Club. Alternatively, call 020 7240 7702.


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