Mar 17, 2021

Influencer marketing and paid social: Driving ROI

Influencer marketing and paid social: Driving ROI

Influencer marketing and paid social: Driving ROI  

Is your influencer marketing strategy lacking a certain je ne sais quoi? 

The influencer landscape, particularly in sport, is ever-changing, so it’s important to keep your finger on the pulse and stay abreast of the latest trends in the industry to turbo-charge your marketing efforts.

Over recent years, influencer marketing has solidified itself as a legitimate and essential function within the marketing mix - playing its part in helping brands move the dial across elements such as content output, perception change and engagement. Its value has been rooted in using trusted and authentic third-party voices to place brands in front of engaged audiences to communicate in non-invasive ways to our target consumers.

But there are limitations with a traditional, one-dimensional approach - organic has its boundaries. Only after the introduction of a 360º distribution model - driven by paid media and underpinned by earned media - can the full potential of influencer marketing be realised.

Influencer marketing and paid media

Influencer marketing and paid media are intrinsically linked - together they work hand-in-hand to deliver results greater than the sum of their parts.

Influencer campaign content is factored into a paid social media funnel - using the quality and authentic influencer assets within awareness, engagement, consideration and conversion campaigns to influence purchasing decisions and push target audiences down the funnel.

This integrated approach utilising influencer content in addition to brand assets enhances paid social performance - leveraging influencer relationships to be able convert into more tangible results, including a stronger return on advertising spend.


Influencer marketing activity can transition into PR and earned media with the right approach. Brandnation has heritage in PR that enables the agency to approach influencer marketing campaigns in a different way - harnessing the ability to create ideas with a core PR hook and storytelling at its heart.

Our campaigns can play out in earned media - using the agency’s media relationships to place influencers’ stories across national, consumer and specialist titles.

Brand channels

To further stretch the ROI of influencer relationships - assets created in partnership with influencers should be amplified across brand owned marketing channels. They do not just have to live on social platforms, but should transition into eDM campaigns, retail, ecomm and beyond to create fully integrated marketing campaigns.

At Brandnation, we maximise our relationships with influencers to negotiate broader usage of content to provide additional value to clients and their stakeholders.


When the above distribution model is executed using industry expertise and an approach founded on data and insight, influencer marketing outperforms traditional marketing methods time after time - fueling the exponential growth it has experienced as it continues to command increasing percentages of marketing budgets.

Brandnation is working with its client base to deliver a best-in-class, multidisciplinary service by providing transparency, robust measurement models and, above all, a greater return on investment. 

Want to find out how you can supercharge your influencer marketing strategy? Email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) to find out more.

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