Aug 15, 2016

Headed in the right direction - why were rebranding

Headed in the right direction - why we’re rebranding

Increasingly organisations are seeing the need to communicate effectively and exploit all the communications channels we now have at our fingertips. But there may be those who have a sneaky feeling that to embark upon a major re-brand is something of a luxury, and ask ‘what’s the point’?

And they’d be right. Because a re-brand has to mean something, to mark an important point in an organisation’s history, to denote a change in direction or a commitment to something new.

The FSPA’s approaching 100th anniversary in 2019 marks an important milestone, but that’s not why we’re re-branding. Our image could do with an update too, but that’s not the main reason why we’re re-branding either.

We’re re-branding because of our commitment to our members – our commitment to provide you with the best possible services we can and to champion the sports and play sector in the UK. We’re re-branding because we know that the UK sports and play industries are stronger when they’re united. A re-brand will help us to serve our members well and attract new ones.

So yes, we’re looking at our logo, our name, our fonts and the colours we use. And we’re focussing on making our website as useful, accessible and attractive as possible. But we’re doing all that to underpin the fact that we exist to help you – our members and potential new members.

We do this by:

Consulting with members on Brexit, listening to your concerns and representing you at the highest levels
Bringing you the very latest information relevant to your business
Commissioning research on sports participants, supporters and purchasing behaviours so that you’re well-equipped to meet your customers’ needs
Providing networking opportunities, Think Tanks & seminars
Supporting your own publicity and marketing
Giving you preferential discounted rates on a range of products and services

…and a lot, lot more. But we know that we need to be better at communicating this to you and make it easier for you to communicate with us.

So that’s why we’re re-branding. We’ve got a great ‘product’ and great plans for the future to champion the industry and support members going forward. As we work towards our goals, rest-assured that the re-brand in January means something – it symbolises our commitment to providing excellent services for our members.

Mary Lubrano,
Communications Manager, FSPA

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