Apr 01, 2011

Eurosport renews Sport Industry Awards partnership

Eurosport has renewed its association with the Sport Industry Awards, becoming an Official Partner of the flagship ceremony celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2011.

Eurosport, the leading sports entertainment group in Europe, will receive an array of branding opportunities in the lead-up to the ceremony and on the evening itself, tying itself to the industry’s leading celebration and showcase for outstanding commercial success in the business of sport.

The firm will also act as category sponsor for the Best TV Sport Commercial Award, one of the most prestigious categories of the Sport Industry Awards.

“As a pure sports provider, we understand the power of linking a brand to sport and its uplifting values; it’s passionate, it’s powerful, it works,” says Heather Bowler, director of global communications at Eurosport. 

“We see many inspiring advertising campaigns on our platform.

“However, the perpetual talent of agencies and marketers to come up with innovative, creative, outstanding ideas and concepts that seduce the public never ceases to amaze us.

“Eurosport is really proud to sponsor the Best TV Sport Commercial.”

The Sport Industry Awards continue to grow year on year and, with 2011 enjoying unprecedented entry levels of an impressively high standard, the benchmark has been raised once again.

A sell-out crowd of 1,500 industry representatives will gather at this year’s ceremony in central London on May 11 to join in the 10th anniversary celebrations and see this year’s winners walk away with a much coveted Sport Industry Award from a field of more than 200 entering companies and organisations.

For more information on this year’s Sport Industry Awards visit or call the Sport Industry Group on 0207 240 7702.


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