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Jan 06, 14

VIVOBAREFOOT and Sensoria Wearables agree distribution partnership

VIVOBAREFOOT and Sensoria Wearables agree distribution partnership

The deal means the British shoe manufacturer will be able to sell the line of wearable technology socks worldwide.

As part of the agreement, biomechanics expert Lee Saxby, who helped devise the VIVOBAREFOOT Training Clinic programme, will be contributing to the Sensoria Fitness mobile app.

Heapsylon, the creator of the Sensoria Fitness bio-tracking range of smart clothing, will be showing the first ‘ready for production’ sock prototype at ISPO 2014, which takes place in Munich on January 26-29, with availability and deliveries to consumers planned for April 2014.

The Sensoria Fitness line of bio-tracking clothing includes a sports bra, sock and t-shirt, which allow athletes and fitness participants to track indicators such as heart rate, biometric data and distance ran.

All the data is sent to a single smartphone app, where the wearer can get information via audio cues in real-time.

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